It is our great pleasure to invite all of you to attend the Haptics in Education Workshop, an open, half-day workshop during the World of Haptics Conference 2017 on June 6th in Furstenfeldbruck near Munich, Germany:


The most up-to-date information will be online:


This half-day panel workshop on the afternoon of June 6 will feature invited speakers and discussion on current implementations of haptics in all levels of education as a part of IEEE World Haptics 2017.


Intuitive and formalized in education models, hands-on experiences are important for learning. Haptics’ ability to facilitate kinesthetic information transfer makes it an appealing tool for not only haptics and general mechatronics tertiary education, but also for a wider range of levels and topics. To this end, several groups have presented low-cost devices and accompanying curriculum.

The workshop comes at a timely point to discuss methods for developing curriculum to be complemented by haptic devices. The goal will be to provide future and current educators with latest developments for haptics in education across all levels. Speakers will provide insights on devices developed for a broad range of curricular goals, many with iterative improvements to decrease cost, increase their efficacy, or achieve new curricular goals. Finally, the workshop is intended to provoke a discussion about the limitations of assessment of their impacts on learning outcomes. Despite student interest in hands-on devices, and the foundational role of experiences in learning, experimental comparisons of learning outcomes over a broad range of devices have shown mixed results.

Intended Audience

The workshop is intended for graduate students, researchers and educators who have an interest in understanding the haptic interactions in education. The workshop will identify best practices in delivery and assessment of haptic enhanced education.