Is long-term use of Fildena safe?

  • Last Post 26 January 2023
ailzapeter69 posted this 09 December 2022

Men who have been using Fildena 200 for a long period have experienced no problems. The fact that impotence cannot be cured overnight must be understood. For some men to regulate using Fildena and start experiencing the results, it will take at least 3 months.


You are not required to take this medication indefinitely, though. It's crucial to periodically check in with the doctor to see how things are going. This enables the doctor to be informed of your progress and, if necessary, to prescribe you alternative medications.


Men who have been taking Fildena for more than a year still consider it safe.


Don't stop taking this medication if you have self-assumptions that you don't wish to utilize it any longer. You will tell your doctor that you simply do not want to use Fildena anymore, and they will advise you on safer ways to avoid doing so.

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josephchurch posted this 26 January 2023


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