The early access version of the game Minecraft: Bedrock Edition is available on ChromeOS.
According to The Verge, Microsoft released an early access version of the game Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for the ChromeOS platform on March 15. The game will run on Chromebooks thanks to ChromeOS Android support, can be played across devices with friends, and supports Realms Play.
Previously, Chromebook users had to use workarounds to play Minecraft on ChromeOS or opt for Minecraft: Education Edition. The Java version of the game requires Linux applications on your Chromebook and some manual setup steps to get Minecraft up and running, and players will even need a high-end Chromebook to handle the performance requirements. capacity.
Currently, Mojang has not determined the official release date of Minecraft on Chromebooks. However, the company confirmed that once the game is officially released, compatible Chromebook owners will be able to download it directly from Google Play. While waiting, everyone can play paper minecraft.
The game is developed by Mojang, a studio owned by Microsoft that launched Minecraft: Education Edition for Chromebooks in 2020. However, that special edition requires a school license, or only Office 365 Education accounts can play.