The main idea of the scientific paper is supported by facts, and arguments.

The text is impersonal, there are no pronouns "I", "we".

The sentences are easily perceived and understandable from the first time.

Work is written in a certain font (most often Times New Roman, size 12, but different schools have their own requirements).

The rules of grammar, spelling, and punctuation are strictly observed. Spatial reflections that are irrelevant to the topic are absent.

The text is unique, any work is checked for plagiarism, so it is written in its own words, and quotes are made by the rules with reference to the author.

Quotations and references to the work of other scientists are only welcome, but they are used appropriately so that the reader can understand the purpose of the quotation or reference. It shows the author's ability to conduct comprehensive research and extract the essence from other works.

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In academic writing, the observance of scientific or a mix of scientific and publicist styles is mandatory, any information must be supported by references to the research of other authors working in this direction. You should not use abbreviations without deciphering them, common words and jargon, and long and illogical sentences.