Three impressive fishing games today

  • Last Post 08 January 2024
taniyuki posted this 08 August 2023

Rapala Fishing
First of all, the tiny fishing: Rapala Fishing. Rapala Fishing allows players to control their ship to go anywhere they want to fish (including famous landmarks in the world). What makes the game special is that it will provide complete information about each fish that the player catches, such as weight, scientific name, length, etc.
The game also has hundreds of different baits for players to freely choose from; each bait will attract a few corresponding fish species, making it possible for players to identify fish that they intend to catch and not rely on randomness. If you are bored of fishing, you can choose to explore the vast world of the game and see beautiful landscapes.
Fishing Hook
Fishing Hook is a fishing game that requires a lot of force. When the fish bites, the player must continuously rotate the virtual handwheel in the game to increase the traction. If the pull is maintained to reach the required game index, the fish will be caught. knock down. Not only that, the game also has a day-nnight mechanism to change the atmosphere to increase the player's experience.
The game has a boss fighting mechanism, players will hunt terrible fish (sharks, eels, etc.). These fish require players to rotate their hands continuously with high intensity for a fairly long period of time. long. The game supports up to 16 languages and has a rating system (updated when playing online) to save the heroic achievements of players.
Fishing Clash
Fishing Clash has an extremely interesting point that allows players to upgrade the fish so that they bring a higher amount of money for the next fishing time. In addition, players can also use items that help increase the success rate of fishing, such as increasing traction, reducing the force of fish to make fishing easier, etc.
The game has a ranking system when playing online; the more fish the player catches or catches, the higher the rank will be, and the higher the rank, the more valuable the reward will be. Fishing Clash has a rich mission system that helps players have more goals to strive for.
Fishing: North Atlantic
Fishing: North Atlantic has a gameplay that focuses on luxurious and lavish yachts when players can accumulate money to buy boats or upgrade their stats so that your boat can go to the big sea. Besides, players can fish in many different ways, such as by using a fishing rod to chill or launching a spear to finish the prey quickly, etc.
With its surreal graphics, the world in the game shows up as spectacular as the real-life landscapes, making players unable to take their eyes off the screen. Fishing: North Atlantic also has an extremely impressive weather mechanism that constantly changes from heaven, snow, and storms that challenge the player's ship driving skills.

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