What is Software testing?

  • Last Post 09 January 2024
ishaa posted this 15 June 2023


Software testing is a course of assessing the usefulness, execution, and nature of a product application or framework. It includes running the product under various circumstances and situations to distinguish deformities and bugs that could influence its exhibition and convenience. Software testing is an iterative interaction that is finished all through the product advancement lifecycle to guarantee that the product meets the prerequisites and particulars of the end-clients.

Software Testing Course in Pune

Software Testing Training in Pune

Swayer Scott posted this 09 January 2024

The ultimate goal of software testing is to ensure that the software is reliable, functional, secure, and meets the requirements specified during the development process. A well-executed testing process can help identify  directv plans and fix issues early in the development lifecycle, reducing the likelihood of defects reaching the production environment.