Vidalista 20mg tablet is one of the ED Drugs which has Tadalafil. Hence, its generic name is Tadalafil 20mg tablet. It’s a supplement used for ED treatment in males which is otherwise known as impotence. It is also used to boost athletic performance to those having pulmonary vascular hypertension. This ED drug is manufactured by Centurion Laboratories to treat erectile dysfunction. Tadalafil 20mg tablet is a member of phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) that helps in calming the blood vessels and increases the blood circulation when sexually stimulated. It can be taken an hour before a sexual intercourse or regularly at a low dose.


Benefits Of Vidalista 20mg Tablet

Vidalista 20mg is used to treat erectile dysfunction among men. The main problem of impotence among men is the lack of blood flow to the penile nerves and Vidalista 20 helps in fixing the issue. As the ED drug contain Tadalafil, the supplement increases the blood flow through the penis and enables a firm erection. Alternately, Vidalista 20mg tablet is also prescribed to people with pulmonary vascular hypertension so that they can boost their athletic performance. 


How Does Vidalista 20mg Tablet Work?

The Vidalista 20mg tablet (generic name of Vidalista 20mg) inhibits phosphodiesterase 5 (PDE 5) enzyme which helps in increased blood circulation around the penis as well as calming down the blood vessels. Due to increase in blood circulation, you may experience firm erection required to perform a sexual activity on stimulation. It should be taken atleast 30 minutes prior to sex and the effect would last for 3-4 hrs which differs from person to person.


Side Effects Of Vidalista 20mg Tablet


Nasal congestion

Blurry vision