What mechatronics textbook is the best?

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Pete posted this 01 May 2017

There are a few popular textbooks out there for mechatronics. Given the diversity of opinion in the field as to what mechatronics is, let alone how it should be taught, the approaches that are taken can be quite varied. 

What is your favorite mechatronics textbook, and why?

Personally, I've always been partial to Bolton, perhaps since it was the first book I used. Nostalgia aside, I really like the depth of complexity and slant towards a more practical and hands-on approach. That being said, I also have The Mechatronics Handbook by Bishop, and Introduction to Mechatronics and Measurement Systems by David Alciatore and Michael Histand in my collection.

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Arman posted this 17 May 2017

I'm also a fan of Alciatore & Histand. I also like the "Fundamentals of Mechatronics" by Musa Jouaneh; lots of practical advice when it comes to sensor selection.

I think what complements many of the current mechatronic textbooks are mechanical/experimental measurement textbooks like JP Holman's "Experimental Methods for Engineers" and Figliola & Beasley's Theory and Design for Mechanical Measurements". 

jlvazquezg posted this 19 May 2017

Depends on the level of the course.
Certainly Bolton's book is a good text but the content of it is rather superficial and in many cases the author assumes that students have been related to basic concepts, what is not necessarily true and that simplicity can confuse students.

Bishop's book and Alciatore's book have a different approach and I personally like them to complement the advanced level courses.

I haven't read Jouaneth's Book and I would try to get a copy of it and review. So, for a first level course, on Mechatronics, I recommend to blend different materials and try to  give a personal touch to the course, highlighting the main characteristics for the future Mechatronics engineers.

Remember, Mechatronics is a design philosophy that emphasizes the synergistic integration of different branches of engineering