How to purchase Cenforce Men should consult a doctor before using any over-the-counter medications, even though ladies shouldn't take this medication. Nitrate-containing medications, which are frequently used for chest discomfort, may interact with this in a harmful way. This medication should not be taken by anyone with serious heart, liver, or blood pressure issues, anyone who has recently had a stroke or heart attack, or anyone who has low blood pressure. Before using this drug, disclose to your doctor if you have any of the following conditions or any others. If this medication causes you to feel faint, avoid operating a motor vehicle. Alcohol consumption raises the possibility of this medication's side effects.



Fildena 200 Tablets are an effective treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in males. an assist for getting an erection that increases blood flow to the penis. When a person gets sexually aroused, the blood vessels in the penis relax, allowing more blood to enter.